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Elizabeth Marasco

AI Content Marketing Strategy

Explore tools that will transform your content creation game.

Learn how AI can revolutionize your strategy, from generating engaging content to optimizing for search engines.

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Turn Fans into Clients with High Converting Strategies

Generate Hot Wedding Leads: Learn proven techniques to fill your calendar with couples who are ready to plan their dream wedding day.

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FREE Webinar - Secrets to Connect With Seniors and Caregivers 

Discover our powerful secret marketing strategy to connect with seniors and bridge the digital divide. Don't leave seniors in the dust - learn how to engage them effectively. 

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Transformative Events & Marketing

Delivering Quality Live, Remote Event Broadcasts, Along with In-Person Event Planning and Design. 

Let Us Help You Create Experiences that Convert Prospects Into Clients and Sponsors.

Personal Consulting & Group Coaching Available

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Here are some goodies to help you scale your business:

live stream with ecamm

Live Stream Like A Pro

My favorite streaming software for Mac users is Ecamm. This powerful tool can be used to record, stream, videos with ease, and produce quality podcasts.

studio gear

Gear for Your Studio

Ready to level up your online presence? Check out this Amazon stream highlighting studio gear recommendations.

How We Can Help

An event is only as good as the plan that goes into it. That's where our team comes in - with years of experience planning everything from small group coaching sessions to major live productions, we can help you create an event strategy that will achieve your goals and make your audience happy. Let us show you how it's done!

Event & Marketing Strategy

Create a plan focused on objectives. Hybrid to professional live remote productions.

Event Design

Make your event production flawless, whether you're hosting an in person event, streaming it live online, or hybrid.

Remote Live Stream Broadcast

Live Video Broadcast Production for  sales presentations, digital courses, annual reviews, and more. 

Editorial Copy

Copywriting and brand infused storytelling writing and design. Custom magazine publishing, in print and digital production.


Our 3 Step Process

Identify Gaps

Current state of event marketing plan, branding, and design review. Define parameters, time, budget and goals. In depth analysis to create a strategic plan, including offers, funnels, tools, and resources.

Strategic Plan

Step by step blueprint of the event and marketing strategy. Generated by pros with a proven track record focused on helping you reach your objectives. Streamlining best resources, tools, and reset buttons.


Putting all the ideas and plans into action. This may include full one on one service, for remote live streaming an online event, or in person event design or hybrid. Along with post event marketing strategy to repurpose content.

Elizabeth Marasco

Hey! I am Elizabeth

Hey there, thanks for stopping by my website! I'm thrilled you're here and I've got a question for you...

Are you ready to kick tech overwhelm to the curb and truly shine in your area of expertise? If so, you've landed in the perfect spot!

As an expert in events and marketing I champion business leaders, entrepreneurs, course creators, sales reps, and consultants by helping them attract quality leads, boost sales, and bid farewell to work burnout with cutting-edge online and offline event marketing strategies.

My secret sauce includes live and recorded video streaming, content creation, and sales funnel fine-tuning, combined with over 20 years experience in corporate events.

Feeling excited to host your next online or in-person event like an absolute boss?

Grab my all-inclusive Live Video Streaming Guide to catapult your event towards resounding success!

Brady Events and Marketing Inc, a distinguished event marketing agency renowned for its unique approach, meticulous attention to detail, and innovative flair. We excel in conveying brand messages through in-person events, remote live streaming events, and hybrid experiences.

With over 17 years of expertise, we've crafted bespoke editorial storytelling content that enables businesses to truly shine, both in print and in the digital realm. Reach out to us today and discover how we can elevate your business to unparalleled heights.

Turn Viewers into Customers with High Converting Strategies

Welcome to BEAM - Brady Events and Marketing Inc, a trailblazing boutique event marketing agency celebrated for its unique vision, unwavering attention to detail, and remarkable innovation. We take pride in our ability to expertly communicate brand messaging through both in-person and remote live streaming online events.

At BEAM, our creativity radiates to make your business shine brighter than ever before. We specialize in crafting bespoke editorial storytelling content that distinguishes your business from the competition — in print and digital formats alike. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can elevate your business to extraordinary heights!

What Our Clients Say

"Skyrocket Sales!"

"She showed me places I was loosing money and wasting time. My next product launch, increased 100X attendance and closed more sales. Bottom line, we shortened my sales process and increased profits. Best investment for my business. Overall incredible experience."

William G.. Independent Manufacturer Sales Rep.

"Awesome team!"

"I can't say enough good things about Elizabeth and her team! She is knowledgeable about software and makes learning new skills enjoyable, not intimidating. Finally technology is working for me, instead of me working for it! Highly recommend!"

Dan D. Backhuus Auto

"Just what I needed"

"I constantly felt frustrated and alone, duct taping everything together. I was desperately searching for answers, my family didn't get me and coaches just wanted me to buy more programs. Liz actually cares, she helped me get on track. I followed her baby steps blueprint, updated my strategy, and my mindset. This year I hit my first 5 figure online launch!"

Darci B. - RT Industries