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Feel stuck between your online and offline marketing? You might be leaving potential clients on the table. Follow along as I share secrets on events and marketing strategies to grow your business.

Numbers Matter To Your Business

Are you paying attention to your business metrics? Do you know what your clients want? It is essential to understand insights from social media and to understand what the numbers mean. For instance, you may have a higher fan page fan count, but that is NOT the number that you should have your radar. If you want to know what you should be looking at, start by listening to this message

Chill The BEEP Out

You be YOU! Stop trying to take on the personalities of other people online. Here are a couple of things to consider so you don't lose yourself

Business Building One Day At  A Time

Ready to grow your business and optimize performance? I know I am. It is always wise to stay up to date on training, learning news skills, and tactics. I recently started the OFA - One Funnel Away Challenge with Russell Brunson. The challenge included much more. 

Clean Up Your Digital Footprint

Did You Forget Marketing 101 Basics? Clean up your digital profile including LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and others. 
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